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Import Google Contacts

This project can be used to import contacts (names and email addresses) from Google to your dotMailer account; which can then be used to sent email campaigns.


Download the project, and unzip all of the files. The project is built using Visual Studio 2010.

The project is written in C# 4, but can be easily modified to run under earlier versions by removing the linq statements.

Before building the project, you will need to add references to the following Google DLLs:

To obtain these DLLs, you can currently visit the following link:

From here you can download and install "Google Data API Setup (2.1.0)". After installation the required DLLs can be found in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Data API SDK\Redist" or similar folder, depending on your machine.


Run the program.
  • Enter your dotMailer api username and password.
    • Optional - click the test button to verify the username and password are correct
  • Enter your google user name and password
    • Optional - Click the populate button to retrieve a list of address books on your dotMailer account
  • Select an address book from the list
  • Or - type in the name of a new address book and click the create button
  • Click the Import Contacts button to start the import process

The program will query Google and upload contacts that have both a name and an email address, the application will wait for dotMailer to process the email address through it's watchdog process, and then the application will display stats on the number of contacts added and the number of web service calls made.

dotMailer SDK

The download also contains the dotMailer SDK ( This is covered by it's own licence (included in the download), and can be freely used to access the dotMailer platform. This is written in C# and targets the .net v2 framework.

The SDK wraps dotMailer's SOAP API

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