Version 1.4

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Released: Jan 29, 2013
Updated: Jan 29, 2013 by DDG
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Application dotMailer SDK v1.4
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Release Notes

Changes in the dotMailer SDK from version 1.0 to version 1.4:
  • Connection problems are no longer reported as a problem with log in credentials.
  • Account information is now available from the WsService class's AccountInfo property.
  • Improved handling of disposable resources throughout.
  • DmService class now provides access to instances of the new DocumentFactory, TemplateFactory, ImageFactory classes.
  • Additional overloads of the AddressBookFactory.ListContactsInAddressBook and ListAllContacts methods now offer control over the level of detail initially retrieved for each contact, allowing you to reduce the number of server requests made in some circumstances.
  • New ListPublicAddressBooks method added to AddressBookFactory.
  • The CampaignFactory.ListCampaignClickers method replaces the previous CampaignFactory.ListCampaignOpeners method.
  • The CampaignFactory now offers the following additional methods: ListCampaignActivitiesSinceDate, ListCampaignActivities, GetCampaignSummary, CopyCampaign, AttachDocumentToCampaign, DetachDocumentFromCampaign, ListCampaignAttachments, ListModifiedContacts, UpdateContactsViaImport, RemoveContact, ListAllContacts, ResubscribeContact, GetContactStatusByEmailAddress, ListHardBouncingContactsWithDataFields.
  • The SendOptions class has been renamed to SplitTestSendOptions.
  • The overload of the CampaignFactory.GetCampaign method that accepts a campaign name, now returns a DmCampaignCollection instance containing all matching campaigns, rather than the first matching DmCampaign.
  • A new method named ListContactsModifiedSinceDate has been added to ContactFactory. It is identical in operation to the ListModifiedContactsBetweenDates method, but has been named to better convey the intended meaning.
  • The CampaignFactory.CreateNewDmContact method now takes a single parameter which provides the contact's email address.
  • IDmObject now includes AccountId and ExternalId properties. Classes that implement IDmObject therefore also now include those properties as well.
  • Where available, many classes now have a new CampaignId property.
  • DmCampaign has new AttachDocument and DetachDocument methods.
  • Public constructors have been removed from DmCampaignContactActivity, DmCampaignContactForward, DmCampaignContactOpen, DmCampaignContactReply, DmCampaignContactRoiDetail, DmCampaignOpener, DmCampaignRoiDetail.
  • The following classes have new ContactEmail properties: DmCampaignContactPageView, DmCampaignContactRoiDetail, DmCampaignContactSocialBookmark, DmCampaignPageView, DmCampaignRoiDetail.
  • The DmContactPageView class is now replaced by DmCampaignContactPageView.
  • DmAddressBookCollection now offers a Remove method to remove an address book with a specific name.
  • DmCampaignContactActivityCollection now offers ContainsContact,GetContactActivites methods.
  • DmDataFieldDefinitionCollection now offers a Contains method.
  • DmDataFieldValueCollection now offers a ContainsDataField method and an indexer for accessing values by data field name.
  • DmContact now offers GetDataFieldByName, GetDataFieldIsEmpty, CalculatePopulatedCrcHash methods.
  • DmDataFieldValue now offers an IsEmpty property, a Clone method and correctly handles the various different types of data field value available.
  • ImportContactOptions now has a boolean DontUpload property, for use with the save CSV options, and an ImportTimeout property.
  • The calculation of the ExternalId property has been changed for some classes to ensure uniqueness.
  • Problems serialising and deserialising a DmDataFieldDefinitionCollection instance to and from JSON have been rectified.
  • The IsDirty property of the DmDataFieldValue class now operates correctly.
  • When lists of more than a thousand items are requested from the underlying dotMailer API, the requests are now sent correctly, preventing lists being filled with duplicate items.
  • Documentation for classes expanded.
  • Various problems fixed in the handling of a contact's data fields and their values.

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